The Customer-Facing Engineer

Welcome to the Customer-Facing Engineer, a tutorial resource that assists information technology workers in overcoming the emotional obstacles involved in interacting with customers. A customer-facing engineer is a worker who has an ongoing, highly interactive and deep relationship with his/her customers and works with technology in a hands-on capacity.


1. Fundamentals

This introductory tutorial defines a "customer-facing engineer" precisely, gives examples of customer-facing and non-customer-facing engineering positions, and conveys the unique value that customer-facing engineers provide. Also, learn how a customer-facing engineer approaches work differently in contrast to an engineer who is not customer-facing.

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2. Warming-up to the Customer-Facing Engineering Mindset

In the Fundamentals tutorial, you were given an overview of how customer-facing engineers approach their work. In this tutorial, you will start to become comfortable adopting this mindset.

This tutorial is under development.

3. The Customer-Facing Engineer Mindset: "Bread-and-Butter" Tactics

Learn to tackle typical challenges that arise when managing technical projects. Such challenges involve effectively communicating with customers, managing risk, tolerating imperfection, and working within project constraints. But this is not a tutorial for Project Managers; instead, it is a tutorial that enables engineers to become comfortable managing technical projects.

This tutorial is under development.

4. Breadth in Customer-Facing Engineering

This tutorial empowers the Customer-Facing Engineer to think strategically. Learn how an engineer can effectively interface with other departments such as Sales, Marketing, and Product Management.

This tutorial is under development.